The Outdoor Sportsman are taking all required safety precautions inline with current recommendations for COVID-19. During this period of time we encourage all customers to make purchases with card, rather than cash, to avoid contact where possible. In addition we request that everyone maintains a 1.5m social distancing space. We appreciate your understanding during this time.

Q: Where does The Outdoor Sportsman post?

The Outdoor Sportsman ships across Australia. Please contact us for postage costs and estimated delivery time.

Q: Can ammunition be posted from The Outdoor Sportsman?

Unfortunately, no. Ammunition is considered dangerous goods by Australia Post meaning that it can only be transported by a registered dangerous goods freight provider which is usually rather costly. Because of this, we do not post ammunition. We do, however, have a wide range of ammunition available in store and are happy to help our customers with any ammunition needs there.

Q: Where is The Outdoor Sportsman shop located?

The Outdoor Sportsman is located at 19 Pakington Street (cnr of Isabelle St), Geelong West VIC 3218.

Q: How long has The Outdoor Sportsman been open?

The Outdoor Sportsman opened in 1974 as Geelong Shooting Supplies and has been up and running ever since. For over 45 years we have served Geelong and surrounding areas by supplying the best products to fill our customers needs.

Q: What’s The Outdoor Sportsman’s return policy?

We do not have a storewide return policy as it depends on the product in question. Ask us in store about the return policy that applies to your product(s). 

Q: Do you offer gift cards?

Yes we do. The Outdoor Sportsman gift cards can be purchased in store. Visit us at 19 Pakington St, Geelong West to organise a gift card in your preferred value.

Q: Does The Outdoor Sportsman offer a product guarantee?

The Outdoor Sportsman offers a standard guarantee for our products. 

Q: What types of payment does The Outdoor Sportsman accept?

All standard forms of payment are accepted; such as cash, MasterCard, Visa and bank transfer. If you’re wondering if we accept your card, please contact us and ask.

Q: How do I make a warranty claim?

We know how annoying it can be when your products break and will work to make the process as easy as possible for you. Come in to The Outdoor Sportsman with your faulty product and we will work with the supplier to repair or replace it for you.

Q: If I want a brand/product The Outdoor Sportsman doesn’t have, can you get it for me?

In most cases, yes we can. Come into the store or contact us to see what we can do for you.

Q: Does The Outdoor Sportsman have gun safes? 

Yes, The Outdoor Sportsman carries a wide range of gun safes. For details about our large range, and for questions about our gun safes, come into the store or contact us.

Q: What kinds of products and brands does The Outdoor Sportsman carry?

We carry a range of hunting and outdoor clothing products from brands such as Buck, Bushnell, Hornady, Spika, Weatherby and many more. We have shoes, clothes, accessories and anything else you might need on your outdoor adventures. If you have any questions about our product range come into our store and have a chat with us.

Q. How old do I have to be to apply for a firearms licence?

A. For a junior licence, you must have reached the age of 12 but be under 18. For an adult licence, you must be 18 years old or over.

Q. How do I transfer a gun?

A. Gun transfers can be done through the Outdoor Sportsman, quickly and easily.

We need to physically see:
1. The buyer
2. The seller
3. If possible bring your firearms registration form with you
4. The actual gun
5. And the buyer must have a permit to acquire for that category of gun.
The permit can be organised through The Outdoor Sportsman by supplying us with your firearms license details.Or by using a paper permit application supplied by Victoria police. The permit cost’s $9.20 for the buyer.
6. The cost of a private transfer within Victoria is $25 and $75 from interstate (which inc the $25 Victorian fee).

Q. How do I dispose of a firearm?

A. Depending on the type of licence you held, you will either need to dispose of that firearm to a licensed firearm dealer, to a police station for destruction or in the manner your licence specifies. You must then send a copy of the disposal receipt you receive from the dealer or a police station to LRD. Your Divisional Firearm Officer can advise what you specifically must do with any firearm(s) you are no longer licensed to hold.

Change of address, personal details and circumstance Q. What should I do if my details have changed?

A. Licence holders alone are responsible for informing Victoria Police of any changes to their details. Licence holders or applicants whose personal details have changed, must provide details in writing of this change to Victoria Police’s Licensing & Regulation Division.

Licensing & Regulation Division
Level 4, Tower 3
Victoria Police Centre
637 Flinders St, Docklands VIC 3008

GPO Box 2807
Melbourne, VIC, 3001

Phone: 1300 651 645
Fax: (03) 9247 6485

Change of address: Where any address details have changed – residential, postal, business or ordinary storage – you are required by law to inform Licensing & Regulation Division of this change within 14 days. You can use a Change of Details form to do this.

Change of name: You are required by law to inform Licensing & Regulation Division of your change of name. You can use a Change of Details form to do this. You must also provide a certified copy of:
The change of name certificate issued by the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages; OR your full birth certificate (including the schedule of all names changes); OR your marriage certificate; OR your divorce certificate.

Only certified copies (copies of documents or records that have been signed and certified by an authorised person as a true copy of an original) will be accepted.

You can email, fax or post your completed Change of Details form to LRD.

Q: What are the rules regarding borrowing, loaning or inheriting firearms?

The rules regarding firearms are strict and it is important that they are followed. The Outdoor Sportsman is here to help and has provided a brief overview below.


You can borrow a registered firearm provided that:

      1. You have the owner’s permission
      2. Your license allows you to carry that type of firearm


You can borrow a firearm from a licensed dealer provided that:

      1. Your license is more than 28 days old
      2. You already have one firearm registered in your name
      3. You have permission to do so
      4. Your license allows it


The Outdoor Sportsman does not lend firearms. For more information about legislation regarding borrowing a firearm see the Victoria Police website.


You can accept a firearm that someone has left for you provided that:

    1. You hold the appropriate license for that firearm
    2. You can demonstrate a genuine need for it
    3. You obtain the correct permit
    4. You have the transaction witnessed by a licensed firearm dealer.
      For more information and access to applications for an Heirloom License, visit the Victoria Police website.


Visit the Victorian Police Website